1. checkmatethatprivilege:


    2013 was five years ago let that sink in


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  2. tony-the-intelligent-goon:



    I can’t tell what my favorite part is, but it’s either

    • scientists wasting budget and time to see if ants count their steps
    • the idea to put ants on stilts
    • there had to be a guy who made ant stilts and put them on the ants
    • confused ants

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  3. dggeoff:

    are you ever about to google something that just brings you physical shame so you type as little of it as you can and hope google autofills it

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  4. dynamicdumbasses:

    Geoff: Your eyes looked fucked up, are you okay?

    Michael: It’s probably because I’ve been wearing my contacts since yesterday and I slept in them.


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  5. unsexual:

    is it wrong to be in love with an electric car

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  6. emmawatsonsdaily:

    One of the reasons why Emma Watson is one of the best female role-models of our time. She’s so underrated.

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  7. milindso:

    Getting real sick of Tumblr’s “well, you don’t go through as much as other people do, so it’s okay to be completely malicious to you” attitude.

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  8. canoftoast:


    The One Trainer Who Has a Reason For Catching Shiny Pokemon

    This went in a direction unexpected, but I am totally ok wth.

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  10. vicious-desperation:


    no one has a crush on me. i am too strong to be crushed


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  12. blueyesxavier:

    i like to imagine that this is what happened at the end of dofp [x

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  13. baeddelbludd:

    LIFE HACK: disguise your nervous breakdown as a series of jokes

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  14. clitt:

    its 2014 and still no fanfic could top this one


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